Sunday, March 6, 2011

HP 2310t Touchscreen software

After splashing out on a nice 23" HP touchscreen monitor I was a little annoyed the software on the included CD wouldn't install on my non-HP computer. The software is HP Mediasmart, and while it doesn't rival the iPad and other multitouch UI's, it came with the monitor and I wanted it to work!

After a little Google'ing it turns out this software is written by Cyberlink, and is quite easily fooled into installing onto whatever brand PC you have. 
All you need to do is copy the install folder from the CD to a writeable location. 
Open the folder and edit the "Custom.ini" file with your favourite text editor. 
Open the System Information program, and look for the System Manufacturer string on the right hand side.
Copy this string into the CLScan section of the "Custom.ini" file.
Save and run setup.

Setup should now run without complaining, enjoy the software you purchased!

Realtek audio drivers and quadraphonic speakers

So it looks like Realtek have decided that quadraphonic (4 channel) speakers are not front and rear, but front and side. Thanks for wasting my day in trying to figure this out! On the upside it turns out one of my favourite speakers sets it starting to show its age and needed a cable replacing. Long live the Creative Inspire 4.1 4400's (they are only 8 years old!).