Friday, July 20, 2012

Windows 8 and the DV6-6023TX


So as usual the biggest problem with this laptop is the switchable graphics. I have found a method that has worked twice (to make sure it wasn't a fluke the first time!) to get the ATI/Intel mess working.

After you have installed Windows 8 grab this older driver bundle from HP. Using 7-Zip unzip the driver bundle. Open the device manager and find the Intel graphics adapter. Update the driver, using the driver in the folder SP53025\PACKAGES\DRIVERS\DISPLAY\W76A_INF. This will offer to install a "Mobile Intel(R) HD Graphics".

Once this is done run the Setup.exe file in the SP53025 folder to install the ATI Graphics support and do a normal install.

Congrats you are almost there!

Check in your device manager that both cards have ATI drivers dated 12/04/2011. If not, install the drivers for both cards from the device manager using the path above.

The first time you run the Catalyst control panel you will be prompted to install .Net, Windows will do this for you.

When you switch graphics cards sometimes Explorer and the Metro Start panel(?) are graphically corrupted. The fix is to restart Windows Explorer using the Task Manager.

Hopefully you are all done now and enjoying Windows 8 the way it should be on a Laptop.

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